Licence To Alter

Making The Process Straightforward From Start To Finish

Here at Newman Webb, we go the extra mile to ensure the Licence to Alter process is straightforward from start to finish.

So whether you are a residential leaseholder or a commercial property tenant wishing to make alterations to your leasehold property, our expert team of Surveyors can manage this entire process of applying for a licence to alter, leaving you totally stress-free.

Typically, a Licence to Alter would generally be required for any of the following alterations;

  • Altering the structure
  • The removal of any load-bearing walls
  • Installing additional sanitary facilities
  • Installing new heating systems or alternative service installations
  • Cutting through an external wall
  • Removing any wall, solid or partition wall
  • Changing any windows
  • Fit-out works

Things To Consider

If you are a tenant considering making alterations to your leasehold property, any alteration provisions in your lease need to be considered, as there may be restrictions in place as to the type of alterations you can make. Additionally, Landlord’s consent may also be required before making any alterations.

Consideration needs to be established as to whether the alterations will diminish the property’s value, in which case a Landlord has a valid compensation claim. To make the Landlord aware of any alterations, you will need to supply drawings and plans outlining the proposed alterations.

The Landlord’s surveyor will review your plans and proposed works before granting consent for the alteration in the form of a Licence to Alter. Most Licences to Alter will require you to put the building back to its original condition upon termination of the lease.

Any alterations to the property should be recognised when entering into a new lease to ensure that the cost of any improvements you make are not reflected in any rent increase imposed by the Landlord.

How We Can Help

Assist with the review of leases and covenants relating to Licence to Alter

Assist with necessary plans and drawings

Act as a mediator between Tenants and Landlords

Assist with the drafting of the Licence to Alter

Advise on the alteration costs

Ensure all alterations are carried out as per the Licence to Alter

Explain and assist with any aspect of Licence to Alter applications

To Find Out How We Can Help You, With A Licence To Alter, Please Contact a Member Of Our Team.