Lease Renewal

Whether You Are A Landlord Or A Tenant, Our Strategic Advice Can Either Maximise Your Returns Or Reduce Your Costs

At Newman Webb, we believe lease renewals should be more than simply serving and responding to notices, instructing solicitors, negotiating and finally agreeing a new rent.

When we provide clients with advice on lease renewals, we believe that negotiating new terms can be a strategic opportunity for you to realign your property interests with your overall business objectives.

Protected and unprotected lease renewals

Our surveyors have experience and knowledge of dealing with both protected and unprotected lease renewals at any stage of the renewal process. We can take on an instruction in the early stages, providing initial rental valuation advice, or further along the process, during negotiations.

Expert witness reports

When a lease renewal cannot be settled through negotiation, the case will be referred to third party dispute resolution namely Professional Arbitration on Court Terms (PACT) or for Court proceedings. Newman Webb can help you by providing a written expert witness valuation report for third party proceedings and provide oral evidence at the hearing if required.

To Learn More About Our Lease Renewal Services and how We Can Maximise your returns or reduce your costs, Please Contact a member of our team